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Take Action: Oppose SB 189 and Local Governments Regulating Pesticides

Take one minute and copy and paste this below grassroots message drafted by CPCA and send it to the members of the Colorado Senate Agriculture Committee. This Committee will consider SB 189 on March 19th. Your action is vital to defend our industry! Once you have completed this action please email jplevelich@pestworld.org confirming that you have taken action! This will help us keep track of metrics. 

Step One - Copy the subject line and paste it in a new email as the subject line: Oppose SB 189 & Protect Public Health

Step Two - Copy these email addresses and paste them as the recipients to your email: 






Step Three - Copy and paste this below message in the body and hit send!: 

Dear Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee:

As a Pest Management Professional and member of Colorado Pest Control Association (CPCA), I urge you to protect people from dangerous and deadly pests, low-income tenants from bed bugs, and to not dilute and weaken the enforcement ability of the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) by OPPOSING SB 189.

SB 189 Will Jeopardize Public Health and Food Safety: Every year, there are tens of thousands of insect and rodent violations at Colorado food establishments. Allowing local governments to regulate pesticides and issue occupational licenses will increase the cost of food safety and protecting public health. It will increase the exposure of food and people to dangerous and deadly pests such as cockroaches and rodents. For example, Colorado is ranked number two in the US for Hantavirus cases, which is a deadly rodent-borne disease. Why should a restaurant in one county have different rodent control regulations than a restaurant in another county? Also, why should a hospital in one county have different bed bug, cockroach, and rodent control regulations than a hospital in another county?

SB 189 Will Throw Bed Bugs a Lifeline and Harm Low-income Tenants: SB 189 violates HB 19-1328 and the rights of tenants suffering from bed bugs. SB 189 will undermine Colorado's landmark 2019 bed bug law that requires free professional bed bug control for tenants in apartment buildings that is paid for by landlords. This bed bug law just took effect on January 1, 2020, and has greatly improved the quality of life for Colorado tenants, low-income residents, and people suffering from bed bug infestations. Let's continue on the path of protecting public health, tenants from bed bugs, and fighting quality of life disparities for low-income residents. Why should tenants in one municipality have different regulations for bed bug control compared to residents in another municipality? SB 189 would exacerbate quality of life and public health disparities, and potentially throw bed bugs a lifeline in Colorado apartments.

SB 189 Will Weaken the Enforcement of Pesticide Laws: CPCA strongly supports strong pesticide laws at the state level in Colorado and providing CDA with effective enforcement resources. However, we STRONGLY OPPOSE SB 189 because it would create a crazy quilt of pesticide regulations and local regulatory agencies that would dilute and weaken the enforcement ability of CDA. SB 189’s proposed chaotic regulatory scheme would harm both people and pollinators. 

OPPOSE SB 189: Coloradans concerned with protecting public health are closely watching this potentially harrowing bill. We thank you for your OPPOSITION to SB 189. Let’s improve the protection of public health and pollinators at the state-level by strengthening laws enforced by CDA.

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