CPCA 2019 Legislative Session Report

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2019 Legislative Session Report for Colorado Pest Control Association 

The 2019 legislative session was widely reported on as being the most contentious and challenging in over a decade. An usually large class of first-year legislators (30 of the 100) as well as a new executive branch led to predictable growing pains and adjustments. In addition, Democratic leadership in both chambers expressed a desire to advance an ambitious legislative agenda – which was met with a variety of attempts to slow or stall bills on the part of Republican legislators.

Key Issues at the State Legislature

598 bills were introduced this year, of which 460 (77%) passed. This is noteworthy compared to the 60% of bills which passed through the legislature with divided control in 2018. While not all of the key Democratic-initiated proposals were successful, the legislative leaders did succeed in accomplishing a significant number of the goals they set for this session.

One of the primary areas of focus was local control, with several bills succeeding in (or attempting to) repeal state preemption. This tactic was seen in the areas of energy development, minimum wage, rent, and recycling/composting requirements for restaurant takeout containers.
Some of the legislation that garnered the most attention this session included:


  • SB 19-181: Protect Public Welfare Oil & Gas Operations
  • SB 19-188: FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program
  • HB 19-1262: State Funding for Full-Day Kindergarten
  • HB 19-1261: Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution


Bills of Interest to CPCA

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PASSED: HB 19-1328: Landlord and Tenant Duties Regarding Bed Bugs
This bill was CPCA’s top legislative priority for 2019. 
PASSED: SB 19-186: Expand Agricultural Chemical Management Program
The idea for this bill originated under former Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown. 
PASSED: HB 19-1210: Local Government Minimum Wage
This bill, as introduced, struck down the state preemption against local governments enacting their own minimum wage.

Interim Committees

Newly Approved Committees:

  • Zero Waste and Recycling
  • Energy Legislation
  • Tax Expenditure Evaluations Prepared by the Office of the State Auditor
  • Investor-Owned Utility Choices
  • Higher Education Costs and Affordability
  • Prison Population

Previously Approved Committees:

  • Early Childhood and School Readiness
  • Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders
  • Pension Review
  • Sales and Use Tax Simplification
  • Transportation Legislation Review
  • Water Resources Review
  • Wildfire Matters Review

Media Summaries

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Click here to download and view the full legislative report. 

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