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SB 189 (Local Government Pesticide No Preemption) would disrupt Colorado's statewide regulation of pesticides, leading to a haphazard patchwork of hyper-local rules that could negatively impact public health and safety, agricultural food production, green spaces, and businesses. 

Take just a few minutes now to speak up and ask our elected officials to vote NO on SB 189. See below for two minute and five minute action alert options.

Two Minute Email Action Alert

Please copy and paste the following email addresses into the "To" field:,,,,

Copy and paste this into the "Subject" line of your email:

Vote NO on SB 189 - Colorado is Stronger Together!

Please copy and paste the following into the body of your email. Feel free to add to and/or modify the text below as you would like -- this is all just a suggestion.

Email copy:

As a fellow Coloradan, I am asking you to VOTE NO on SB 189 - a bill that would break Colorado's state law into inconsistent city and county policies. This change will jeopardize public health, threaten agriculture production due to invasive weeds from nearby land, and hurt businesses who rely on consistent pesticide safety rules. We cannot afford to take risks right now.

Thoughtful, strategic applications are used to control pests and invasive species like bed bugs, mosquitos, noxious weeds, and diseases like Hantavirus. These types of issues are not limited to one zip code or county - if anything, they impact the most vulnerable communities. All Colorado citizens deserve the benefit of well-considered, evidence-based policies to guide the use of the pesticides that protect their homes, schools, hospitals, restaurants, breweries, grocery stores, and green spaces.

For decades Colorado has regulated these products at the state level and invested in expert staff to serve as authorities for safe application. The overwhelming majority of states have passed pesticide preemption laws to ensure that pesticide regulation stays at the state level. SB 189 moves Colorado in the wrong direction.

I believe in ensuring the health and safety of all Coloradans, not just those in tax brackets who can afford alternative methods of pest control. I believe in protecting the viability of our agriculture land and protecting our farmers from noxious weed infestations. I believe in ensuring that the maintenance of our homes, restaurants, and green spaces is guided by science-based policy enacted in a consistent way.

Protect Colorado’s important pesticide uniformity laws. Please vote NO on SB 189.

Five Minute Action Alert

You can give each of the five members of the Senate Agriculture committee a quick call to ask them to vote NO on SB 189. You will be either speaking to an aide or leaving a message on their voicemail. You do not need to have a list of talking points ready or be prepared for a long back-and-forth. The important things to convey are that you are a Colorado voter and you want them to vote NO.

Please call:

Senator Kerry Donovan: 303-866-4871

Senator Jessie Danielson: 303-866-4856

Senator Robert Rodriguez: 303-866-4852

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg: 303-866-6360

Senator Don Coram: 303-866-4884

Below is a suggested phone call script, but again feel free to edit however you'd like:

Phone script:

Caller: As a Colorado voter, I am asking you to VOTE AGAINST SB 189 - a bill that would break Colorado's state law into inconsistent local policies. I believe this bill will risk public health and the viability of our agriculture land and open spaces. Please tell ________ to vote NO on SB 189 and protect our state’s safe pesticide laws.



Thank you for speaking up for common-sense pesticide policy in Colorado!




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